What’s On the Ballot


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Click on link above for a larger view, or See Morris County Clerk at: https://morriscountyclerk.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Washington-2020-General-Sample-MIB.pdf


Click on link above for a larger view, or See Morris County Clerk at: Click on link above for a larger view, or See: https://morriscountyclerk.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/State-Questions-2020-General-Sample-MIB.pdf

General Election Information


Official Public Questions
Public Question No. 1: Legalize Marijuana – Public Question No. 1 – English
Public Question No. 1 – Espanol
Public Question No. 1 – Gujarati
Public Question No. 1 – Korean
Public Question No. 2: Property Tax Deduction and Exemption for Peacetime Veterans – Public Question No. 2 – English
Public Question No. 2 – Espanol
Public Question No. 2 – Gujarati
Public Question No. 2 – Korean
Public Question No. 3: Change the Legislative Redistricting Schedule If Census Data Is Delayed – Public Question No. 3 – English
Public Question No. 3 – Espanol
Public Question No. 3 – Gujarati
Public Question No. 3 – Korean
Official General Election Candidates
General Election Candidates: U.S. President
Candidates email: U.S. President
General Election Candidates: U.S. Senate
Candidates email: U.S. Senate
General Election Candidates: U.S. House of Representatives
Candidates email: U.S. House of Representatives
General Election Candidates: State Senate
Candidate email: State Senate
General Election Candidates: General Assembly
Candidates email: General Assembly

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