For the November 3, 2020 election:

  • All registered voters will be mailed a Mail-In Ballot.
  • No application for the 2020 General Election is required. If you are an active registered voter, you will automatically be mail a Mail-In Ballot.
  • You can return a completed ballot by: mailing back your ballot by US Mail, bring it to the polling location on Election Day, November 3rd, or drop it off at one of the secure Drop Boxes.

Mail-in Ballot also known as “early voting,” “absentee voting,” or “voting by mail”

What To Know About Mailing Your Ballot:

  • Mark, SIGN and Return your ballot as soon as you can
  • If you cannot mail your ballot by about October 20th, you should consider taking it to one of the secure Drop Boxes in our county
  • Ballots sent via US mail must be postmarked by Nov 3, 2020 and received no later than 8:00 pm on November 10th
  • The envelopes are preaddressed and pre-stamped so there is no need to add postage
  • Make sure you have filled in the circles next to the candidates name you are voting for
  • Make sure you have signed the certification and left it attached before placing your ballot in the mailing envelope

See: Morris County Clerk – Elections at

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