Mark it, Sign it, Return it.

  • Review the instructions enclosed with the Ballot
  • MARK it – Fill in the circle completely with black or blue pen next to candidate’s name you are voting for. Note there are Public Questions on SIDE 2 of the Ballot.
  • Put Ballot in the inner certificate envelope
  • SIGN & Fill out the certificate. Do NOT detach the certificate
  • Put inner certificate envelope into the pre-addressed stamped mailing envelope
  • Seal the Envelope
  • Return your competed ballot by US Mail (postage is prepaid), or putting in a Drop Box (The two closest locations to Washington Township are in Chester Township and Mount Olive), or directly to the Board of Elections in Morris County Administration Building in Morristown. Note: There is only ONE polling location in Washington Township on Election Day – the Senior Center.

Any questions about your signature of record, or you need a replacement ballot because of misplacement, marked incorrectly, ripped, ate by the dog, etc. then contact the Morris County Clerk at 973-285-6066 or Board of Elections at 973-285-6715 or Or New Jersey Division of Elections at 1-877-658-6837 with any questions. See: for more Morris County contact information.

Instructional video below is from NJ Secretary of State’s Office refers to the PRIMARY election ballots but instructions are generally the same

Instructional video above is from NJ Secretary of State’s Office.
Watch Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi explain the Vote by Mail process –
references are to 2020 election but process is the same in marking ballots and returning in envelope

Instructional video above is from NJ Spotlight – refers to the PRIMARY election ballots but instructions are generally the same

 Please read these instructions on how to vote by mail and ensure that your vote is counted.


What is in the Vote-by-Mail Package?
Your vote by mail package is made up of three envelopes, an explanatory letter and your ballot.
The first envelope is the large outer envelope containing the above noted vote by mail package that is
mailed by the Morris County Clerk’s Office to all active registered voters.
Contained inside the large Outer envelope, you will find the following:

  1. A return postage paid envelope, which is addressed to the Board of Elections,
  2. A certificate envelope, which has a certificate flap attached on the back,
  3. The informational letter, and
  4. The Ballot.
Now it’s time to cast your vote. Follow these simple instructions:
  1. Vote your ballot and place it in the certificate envelope, with the attached certificate,
  2. Do not detach the certificate,
  3. Seal this envelope and Sign the certificate,
  4. Insert the sealed and signed certificate envelope into the return postage mail envelope; making sure that your return address shows through the window,
  5. Seal the return postage paid mail envelope after inserting the sealed certificate envelope.
Other important information to know before mailing your ballot.
  • If another person will be mailing your ballot or bringing your ballot to the Board of Elections, make sure that person completes the “BEARER PORTION” on the back of the return envelope, which is addressed to the Board of Elections before the ballot is taken from you,
  • No person who is a candidate in this election for who the voter requests a ballot is permitted to serve as a bearer,
  • No person is permitted to serve as a bearer for more than three qualified voters.
Now you are ready to have your vote count. Here’s how to deliver your ballot.
  • Mail your ballot to the County Board of Elections as soon as possible in the postage paid addressed envelope. Must be postmarked no later than November 2, 2021
  • Drop off your ballot in one of the 30 Drop Boxes throughout Morris County,
  • Deliver your ballot in person to the Board of Elections, 10 Court Street, Morristown, NJ.


RESTORED BY LAW if that person attempts to vote fraudulently by mail-in ballot, prevents the voting of
a legal voter, certifies falsely any information, interferes with person’s secrecy of voting, tampers with
ballots or election documents or helps another person to do so.

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